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About Little Green Bee

About Us

Our Story

The farming of bees has been recorded as early as 7000BC, together with the records of consumption of honey and the varied uses of bee-related produce.

Across many different species of honey producing bees, we sought after the species that can produce honey that can be truly deemed as a superfood.

Extensive research led us to the Amazon where we were introduced to meliponiculture, the farming of small stingless bees that pollinated the rainforests. These bees produced honey that was unlike any other; a much higher nutritional level from any honey that we have seen, with the presence of anti-microbial and non-peroxide activity similar to the famed Manuka honey!

We brought the idea back to Asia and applied it to the native species of stingless bees that harvested tree sap from indigenous trees such as the Meranti, Keruin and Merawan. The result: the signature tangy taste of green stingless bee honey loaded with high levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Our Story


We harvest and bottle the natural goodness of the green stingless bee in an ecologically sustainable way that is beneficial to the bees and to our consumers.



To advocate a better quality of life through api-therapy.

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Our Corporate Values


We are enthusiastic and eager to help, to clarify and to communicate. We want to advocate and educate on our produce because we truly believe it will change your life.


The stingless bees are essential to their environment, as much as the environment is essential to the We take great care not to upset the balance of ecology within their habitat.


Our products are the best quality as we will accept nothing less. Although there are no processes involved, we ensure the bees get the ideal environment to aid consistent, quality production.


We are specific and single-minded in cause. Our expertise lies in apiculture and we will focus only on products related to apiculture.

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